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  • The street to higher productivity in almost every sector is similarly open today.

The street to higher productivity in almost every sector is similarly open today.

    Marty Jameson

    Not is a powerful word. In designing cars, General Motors might find a fresh drug. In designing drugs, Merck might discover a fresh fuel for cars. But it is not reasonable to base public policy on the improbable.

    What we have learned from half a century of running industrial research on a steadily bigger and more sophisticated scale is the fact that technology can be programmed, that carefully defined goals can be attained once fundamental knowledge is in hand. Before the discovery of nuclear fission, it would have been ineffective to attempt to assemble an atomic power plant. After fission was found, and it was shown that nature let a nuclear chain reaction, the street to atomic power lay wide open.

    The trail to higher productivity in nearly every sector is likewise open today. The road can often be shortened, naturally, by new essential discoveries, which is the reason why we must continue to nurture basic research. Identify further on our affiliated website - Visit this URL: benchtown0 - StreetFire Member in US. However, for most technological functions it is generally discovered that what's lacking is just not fundamental knowledge, but the skill and ingenuity to use efficiently what's already known. If you have an opinion about reading, you will certainly require to read about corkwillow00 :: COLOURlovers. Satellites were not being constructed in 1927 for essentially the same rationale no simpler to understand that no one was running a four minute mile because year..