Adding A Weblog ( WordPress )

Although its not just one of the simplest software applications to learn to steer, it sure packs lots of power beneath the hood and once you start to learn a few of the basics of Word-press and blogging generally, you'll begin to comprehend these features more and more.

Word-press is a piece of software, and what's even more wonderful its Open Source, meaning it will cost you NOTHING!! And you receive the source code too!!

Even though its not one of the easiest software packages to learn to steer, it certain bags lots of power under the hood and once you start to learn some of the fundamentals of Word-press and blogging in general, you'll begin to appreciate these features more and more.

You can find 2 ways to install WordPress. This forceful information use with has assorted unusual lessons for the purpose of this thing.

1. You can travel to and obtain the entire application here, and then manually install it on your own machine. If you do decrease this way, then make sure you read the following installation guides


WordPresss Famous 5 Minute Installation guide (check it out at

But a level easier way to install Wordpress will be to install it using Fantastico that is included with just about every cPanel installation on earth.

You can log in to your cPanel program, and at the bottom of all the designs you see on the key startup page is an icon having a funny name called FANTASTICO

Fantastico is solution to install all kind of open source ap-plication on your server for FREE.

Discover the WordPress link on the left hand side of the screen (in the blogs area), and click on it.

Then move across to the proper hand side of the screen an click on New Installation that is said by the word - It really a link but it doesnt have an underline under it.

This pops up an extremely simple form (and the only real form you've to fill in).

Place in your blog details, like what you're likely to press the button at the bottom as log-in details along with a few other bits and pieces and call it, what you need.

Within minutes, you will be used to a different page that will show you the details on your blog and away you go..

It just couldn't be easier way to deploy WordPress.. We learned about read about by browsing books in the library.

No messing about with sources, no FTPing files straight back and forth and no messing about environment record agreement and so on. Get further on a partner wiki - Hit this hyperlink: visit link.

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