MySpace + CitySearch = neEvent

Just how many times does one imagine the average businessman changes or alters his or her business plan. One big mistake many companies beginning make is following there business plan just like a road map. A business plan is a guide to keep you busy and focused constantly building and putting onto your final product.

I started my search six years ago with something in your mind and which was to provide Boston night-life data on line at no cost. I had hopes of making enough traffic to perhaps make some advertising dollars quietly.

So I began my beta types / prototypes but I never finished the whole project due to a problem I have, I think the term most often used is A.D.D. (A Later Date Dreaming). It took several years to do so, but I am now approved Strattera and I have the drive and concentration to complete tasks fully.

I believe Im wandering off just a little so lets return to the point of the part. We discovered advertisers by searching Google.

At first of 2006 I developed neEvent that will be small for New England event. My plan from the start was to deliver on the web lounge, restaurant, club, game, music, family and adult activity event information and services. I needed to offer the people the ability to get on v.i.p. Learn further on this partner portfolio by visiting tell us what you think. guest lists for contributing activities. It was the primary focus of my successful technique that I believed would provide the customers and ultimately make some cash. After weeks of devel-opment, planning and testing I introduced the website in February. I setup event alerts, newsletters and other activities to collect email addresses and contact information.

By Might things were going better then expected for the short time frame on the net with little capital for advertising or marketing and hardly any search-engine coverage.

How else could I make my web location desperate, I needed to give grounds to the users to come back to the website other then to get on guest lists and view events.

I looked around and every where you look, local information, national journals, your sister and brother, your absolute best friends, most people are using MySpace. Therefore the problem is how do I capitalize from this new trend and employ their profitable business strategy with my business plan.

It took about one hour to come up with the concept and about one week to develop and integrate with neEvent website. So I developed an social event portal giving registered the ability to person to add them-selves to an event list or guest list and then view other profile page to people who are attending the same activities. Now you can find other people who have exactly the same interests in activities as you and you can contact them via email or phone and then meet up with them at the function which you both are attending. For alternative ways to look at this, consider checking out: the bank bellagio bottle service.

Thats what I'd call Social Networking!

MySpace + CitySearch = neEvent

Its only been one month but up to now and I have 300 users that are using most of the functions we offer. Lets observe things end up 6 months from now.. This rousing treasure island pirate show paper has a myriad of dynamite cautions for the reason for this thing.